Getting Past Go
A "Goal Accelerator" Coaching Intensive

5 Sessions of 1-on-1 Coaching plus  
Special Kickoff Group Events in San Francisco (Feb 28th) and NYC (March 8th) 

Join me in February/March to see how far you can move a long-held goal or desired change.

Is there an idea or project you've been thinking about for way too long?  Are you determined to make a change in 2017 but afraid another year will go by with no action? Are you ready to get started moving forward?

IT’S TIME TO UNLOCK YOUR GOAL.  This February and March, Career and Entrepreneur Coach David Alport is offering a 4-week, one-on-one coaching program that will get you into action on a goal, dream or project that you've been carrying with you but have struggled to move forward. It's a fantastic way to get 2017 off to a powerful start, setting you up for big accomplishments and change. Don't let another year go by leaving your passion on the shelf. Sign up today!

Program Description

Over 4 weeks this winter, a maximum of ten people will work with David in his "Getting Past Go" Goal Accelerator Intensive. Each client will identify an important goal or change they hope to realize in 2017.  Working one-on-one with David, clients move through a series of conversations and exercises to unlock the ideas, energy, structure and commitment to propel their goal forward. The month-long coaching experience begins with a spirited gathering where all participants meet to draw inspiration from one another and guest speakers who will share insights from their own bold transformations realized by focusing on goals. Each client will have 5 one-on-one sessions with David (either in person or via Skype/FaceTime), guided by custom-designed exercises and conversations.  Yes, this will take time, energy and financial commitment. But the only one who's going to make your dreams a reality is ... you.  So make "Getting Past Go" your next best step.  Apply to join David soon.

Expected Outcomes

  • Clarity on the goal you are trying to achieve
  • Insight into the barriers or fears that have prevented you from taking action in the past
  • A vision of how things will be different when you attain your goal
  • Confidence communicating with others about your goal, aka "telling your story"
  • An engagement plan for connecting with others to move your goal forward
  • Identification of needed resources to maintain forward momentum
  • Concrete actions you commit to taking, prioritized for impact
  • An accountability plan to help you stay focused

Additional Benefit

Clients who complete the "Getting Past Go" Goal Accelerator Intensive quality for lower hourly coaching rates, should they choose to continue working with David.  Details upon request. 

Logistics & Details

Application Period (Jan 2-Feb 15): Participants begin by completing a brief online application, available here, where you describe the nature of the goal or change you'd like to work on.    

Intro Phone Consultation (Jan 2-Feb 15): David will set up a 1:1 phone call to share more about the program and answer any questions you have before making the financial commitment.

Kickoff Group Gathering (San Francisco Feb 28 and Mar 8): A group kick-off session where participants meet, share, listen to inspiring guests and get ready for action.

1:1 Coaching Sessions: Five one-on-one coaching sessions with David, to be scheduled at the client's convenience over a 4 week period. Most NYC-based clients' sessions will be in person and most San Francisco-based clients' sessions will via Skype/FaceTime.  Sessions run approximately 75 minutes.  


  • Early Bird: $795 (commit by Jan. 31... Save $200)
  • Regular: $995 (commit by Feb. 15)

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