Newsletter, August 2016

Are You Focusing On What Matters Most?

Summer is a great time for dreaming. So I'm curious: What is the biggest dream you’re carrying around right now? 

Okay. Now that your big dream is top of mind, think about what you’reactivelydoing to make it a reality. 

I love encouraging clients to think about their dreams, their aspirations, their goals – whatever you want to call them – because they drive where we put our energy and they determine which way we move. Every day I work with clients who have made a decision to put more focus on their dreams and goals. I help them unlock the energy and insights they need to move forward.

I encourage you to keep a short list of goals that are most important to you, and to check in with your list regularly. 

Back to summer: Looking for something to read in-between sunscreen applications? I've got you covered with with six quick but powerful articles. Each can help you work and live better.

Stay curious, keep dreaming, and if you (or someone you know) are looking for support in reaching your goals, you know where to find me!

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