Newsletter, October 2016

When We're Coachable, We're Open To Change

With more than a year under my belt as a coach, I’m excited to share a few recent client successes. 

  • LJ worked for an awesome social change organization. But she wanted to make an even bigger impact in the world and to further develop her leadership profile. She needed to leave behind a great job, but one offering diminishing learning opportunities. Now she’s running the philanthropy efforts of one of the biggest music stars in the world.

  • For years MH has headed up marketing for a major global fashion company. Yet she was not getting the recognition or respect she deserved from C-Suite leaders, despite her excellent performance. With insight into keeping her personal values front and center, she made a big shift in the way she engages with leaders and is feeling better than ever about her work future.

  • PL runs a super-cool travel agency that focuses on rock bands (big ones!). After 15 years in business, PL felt she could get more out of work if she could let herself get "uncomfortable." She defined big goals, took big risks and has grown her business by more than 25% this year. 

  • SR wanted to leave NYC and his job in high-end luxury to live on the west coast and work somewhere more aligned with his laid-back approach to life. In 6 months, with a lot of hard work and smart networking questions, he scored a great job at Levi's and now lives in San Francisco.

What these clients have in common is not just a great coach – okay, that was boastful ­– but what I call their “coachability.” When you’re in a state of being coachable, you’re open to change, willing to focus, ready to be held accountable and excited about the work of building a better professional or personal life. 

When we’re coachable, everything becomes possible.  So next time you’re thinking about something you want to achieve, check in with your openness, your willingness to focus and your determination to stay accountable to your dreams. If all systems are go, change awaits you!

Here’s to creative and curious weeks ahead.

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