Newsletter, July 2017

Are You A Doer or a Maker? 

Last month I lost my father to cancer. My dad (smiling above, with me) led an amazing, creative life. I feel very lucky to have enjoyed his company for so long.

One of the remarkable things I observed during my dad’s final months was how engaged and curious he remained about the lives his children and grandchildren would create after he was gone. My dad was a “maker” and he was always buoyed by the knowledge that we were creating and re-creating our lives.

The hyper-busy, always-connected state of living today puts a lot of pressure on our ability to create. If you’re like me, you probably find yourselfdoingthings more often than makingthings.

Who do you know, like my dad, who always seems to be in a state of creation? What do they do that allows them be so creative?  My guess is that they make the time to create, that they build structures around them to support their creativity, and that they keep their most important goals and creations front and center in their lives.

Check out the articles and podcasts below on bringing more creativity into your life. There are also some great pieces to help you think through ways to move forward with your biggest creation of all: You!


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