Newsletter, December 2017

My Ten Tips for a Fabulous 2018

Some years are easier than others. We can all probably agree that 2017 was not the easiest.

Still, the journey through darkness often leads to light and hope and wisdom. I hope that you have found all of these during the past 12 months.

I feel lucky to have spent this year working with an amazing set of clients who are powering through big changes and building deeply meaningful careers and lives for themselves. I am also making progress on a side project that mashes up coaching, mindfulness and travel. More on that in the year ahead.

I’d like to share ten recommendations to help make your 2018 as rich and fulfilling as possible.

  1. Be intentional about everything you do. When we set an intention, we are making a determination to act in a way that fosters something we care about. The clearer your intentions are, the better and more meaningful your results will be.

  2. Make a New Years Resolution list that is smarter than ever. Here’s how, using the SMART Goals approach.

  3. Find a mentor in 2018. If you are doing something (anything) that matters to you, do it better with the support of a mentor. And while you’re at it, find someone who you can mentor too. 

  4. Make a commitment to have an impact on politics. If you care about the world around you, this is the time to do more than sit back and passively watch what happens. Identify a candidate or issue that matters to you, and define the way that you will engage in making change.

  5. Listen to this Tim Ferris podcast, where Tim answers the eleven questions he posed to 130 top performers in his new book, Tribe of Mentors. Ferris is one of the great masters at asking powerful questions (an essential skill we all need to develop), so it’s no surprise that his answers are this good.

  6. Explore meditation. If you’ve been curious why everyone who meditates swears by it, then make 2018 the year you get off your butt and develop a meditation practice. It takes time and effort, but the subtle ways meditation improves your thinking, focus, sleep and health are well worth it. 

  7. Give as generously as you can in the next few weeks. Close out 2017 by writing a few more checks to organizations that matter to you. I find this is a meaningful way to end the year and to create wonderful karma for the year ahead.

  8. Smile more.  A lot of research shows that smiling improves happiness. Whether you believe it or not, chances are you look a whole lot better with a smile on your face. So do it. 

  9. Refer a friend in need.  [Shameless promotion warning…]  If you know of someone tackling a meaningful change or goal in their work or life, send them my way for a discussion of coaching.  If I’m not the right coach, I probably know someone who is.

  10. Love one another. This is the best possible thing you can do. This year ... next year ... and forever more. 

Here’s to an amazing year ahead!

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