Newsletter, October 2018

Autumn Energy | My Favorite Question

Summer is over, which makes me a little wistful since I had such a great one. That’s me, above, blissing out in Washington’s Olympic National Park.

The good news is that when it comes to unlocking my energy and creativity, I find autumn is the season that really delivers. People have returned from vacations. School is back in session. A new arts season is heating up. Businesses and organizations are deep into planning for the year ahead. It feels like the time for making things ... and making things happen.

Autumn is when I reflect on what I’ve accomplished so far this year and think about what needs to happen in the remaining months to make my year complete. What is left for me to manifest? How can I take some serious action?

With the hope of unlockingyourenergy for moving forward, I’d like to share a simple but powerful question that really gets me – and my clients – thinking. It’s called “The Dan Sullivan Question,” named after the guy who first posed it in this form.  Here it is …

“If you and I were to meet three years from today, what would you need to have happened for you – personally and professionally – in order to consider those years a success?”

Take a little time this week to think about your answer… about what you are in the process of creating. Don’t spend your time on the “how” of your creation. Just focus on the “what.”  What will have happened to you if you manifested what matters to you most, both personally and professionally. After your vision is clear, then you can move into the how.

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