Newsletter, December 2018

Rethinking Your Upper Limit of What's Possible

I just read a powerful book calledThe Big Leap. My coach Nathan has been recommending that I read it for months, and I wish I’d taken his advice sooner.

Note to self: ALWAYS listen to your coach (wink wink)!

In The Big Leap, author Gay Hendricks describes what he calls the “Upper Limit Problem,” the self-imposed barriers we erect that keep us from realizing everything we want in the realms of love, money, creativity and happiness. 

I know that I have an Upper Limit Problem that keeps me from achieving all that I could, and The Big Leap has given me simple strategies for recognizing how I get in my own way by focusing on unfounded but well-practiced self-limitations.  Hendricks offers powerful ways to shift from focusing on limitations and fears to making room for the biggest vision of what is possible in your life. I recommend this book whole heartedly.

Here's a confession: I’d never read a “self-help” book prior to becoming a personal development coach four years ago. And boy was I was missing out.  Because we are living in a golden age of ideas about how we can – and must – move through life differently in order to be present to its possibilities, meaning and happiness.  The pressures of living in our crazy, tech-driven, hyper-busy world make it harder than ever to define what happiness and success mean, but with the right tools and approaches, there’s no reason not to live an amazing life ... one with no limits.

If you or someone you know is considering how to keep life unfolding in ever-amazing ways, reach out and let’s talk. My practice is focused on entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and people in midlife (let’s call this 35-65), who are committed to lives of ongoing self-creation and a quest for deep fulfillment and happiness. I’m on that quest. And I love sharing the journey with others.

Have a great holiday ahead.  And check out these articles to get you thinking about how your 2019 can be full of growth and wonder.

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