My life as a coach for entrepreneurs and executives began formally in 2015. But I began coaching people, informally, long before that.  I have always loved connecting with others, hearing their stories, asking questions, and helping where I can. Before becoming a professional coach focused on just those things, I had to first get my own rich work and life experiences under my belt. 

Today I am a full-time coach.  Some call me a Career Coach. Others an Entrepreneur Coach. I've been called a Leadership Coach. And in many situations I'm an Executive Coach.  I play all of those roles.  The consistent factor, whatever you call me, is that the client's agenda and goals drive the conversation. 

This blog is where I'll share the most interesting things I've thought about or discovered when it comes to moving forward in work and life. As long as we're moving forward, we feel alive, and life remains rich.

So read my blog posts when the ideas grab you.  Share when moved.  And here's to being present, having goals, and making the most of your limited, special time on earth.