What Kind of people Work With Me

My clients are a fascinating and eclectic group, all committed to making positive change in their work lives and, quite often, in their non-work lives (it’s all related, isn’t it?).  Clients who succeed in my practice tend to possess a few qualities I've noticed are important in making progress and achieving change.  If you have some – or all – of these qualities, chances are we will be a good match. 


Creativity comes in many forms, and I find that it is an essential ingredient to getting what you want.  Science has shown that it is much easier for the human brain to learn new things than to unlearn existing patterns, so our work together will aim to open up your own ideas and creativity, building new ways of thinking.

Comfortable With Risk

Fear of trying something new or different is often the main thing that holds us back from reaching our goals. I’ll encourage you to take risks, and I’ll support you when you’re not sure if the risk is worth the potential reward. If risk doesn’t excite you, I may not be the right coach for you … but my hunch is that with proper support and coaching, you’ll be ready to face your fears and reap the rewards.


I believe in the power of values to point the way to happiness.  In fact, I've never known a person to be happy if they are not living in a way that is true to their values.  In our work together, we will lean on your values as the foundation for everything you are trying to achieve.  If you’re not sure how values-oriented you are, rest easy: This is one of the first things we will establish in working together.


My clients are all open to change and eager to embrace it as part of meeting their goals.  I have a tattoo on my right arm that says “OPEN.”  It reminds me of the importance of living each day with an open heart and an open mind. When you live this way, there is always the possibility for change and growth. 


Are you a person who seeks and seizes new opportunities in life?  If so, you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and are likely to bring a lot of energy to your coaching engagement. Even if you’ve never started your own business, you have surely started other things that took a lot of guts: a new job, a family, a new endeavor. Working together, we will tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and approach your goals as new creations, which they are. As long as you have an idea of where you’re trying to go, and the positive spirit to move forward, chances are you’ll succeed.