WHat Clients Are Saying

Robert S. | Levi Strauss & Co. and Chrome Industries

“I engaged David to support a dream I had to move back to the west coast (from NYC) while simultaneously landing a bigger and more challenging role than I was already in. David did an incredible job. He provided me with the structure, the tools and the support I needed to sharpen my goal, define my range of exploration, align with my values and move quickly from networking to interviewing. David is so good at asking the tough questions that I needed to consider, and I truly benefited from his pushing me through some uncomfortable moments. Ultimately this helped keep me honest and resulted in an experience that was always grounded in authenticity and focused on my goal. Once interviewing, David's guidance on telling my story and asking powerful questions allowed me to nail my interviews. David’s easy manner made it possible to handle the firm pushing he provided to keep me in forward motion. I now live on the west coast and have had two fantastic jobs at Levi’s and now at Chrome Industries, in great part thanks to David’s coaching.” 

Graham J. | Impact-Focused Filmmaker and Communications Specialist

“I worked with David when facing a complex mid-life career change, and couldn’t have been more impressed with the support he provided. I was especially grateful for his ability to see me through the entire career-change process – from high-level strategic thinking based on my life goals and values, to the fine details of personal branding, resume writing and job applications. I very much appreciated David’s warmth, patience and compassion – I never failed to finish a session without feeling motivated and encouraged. A year after we started working together, I have made more progress than I could have imagined, and can't recommend David highly enough.”

Nancy T. |  CEO & Founder of Briogeo Hair Care

"I am a first time and full-time entrepreneur and began working with David with the goal of strengthening my management and leadership skills. I realize the importance of effective people management to support the goals of my company and establish a comfortable and productive work environment. But people management can be a challenging responsibility and David has helped me to establish a framework for identifying and solving employee management issues.  His practical and thoughtful approach to problem-solving has helped me to think more strategically about how I manage my employees and ultimately has helped shaped me into a more effective manager.  I've become more confident in leading challenging employee conversations and motivating my team to work to their highest potential.  David's coaching has helped me tremendously in reaching my goals and I couldn't imagine working through the challenges of employee management alone. I highly recommend David's services to any entrepreneur who wants to gain the skills required to strengthen employee performance & productivity and company culture."

Jennifer J. | Attorney 

“Our "meeting of the minds” kicked off such a meaningful phase of discovery and growth for me, and I continue to be buoyed and inspired by our work together. I view our engagement as a gift I was finally ready to recognize and receive, and it's truly a gift that keeps on giving. I can never thank you enough for the beautiful spirit, light and supportive energy you brought to my personal journey"

Robert W. | Head of Global PR and Social Media, Georg Jensen 

"I’ve worked with David over the past year to gain clarity around my career. David’s coaching style has been an insightful and powerful process for me.  His approach integrates concrete and actionable steps that are balanced with big picture insights. This dynamic engagement is allowing me the foundation to distill a clear direction for moving forward."

Sharon P., AIA | Founder, Portnoy Consulting

"Working with David during the initial stages of launching my business was invaluable. My company provides retained executive search and consulting services for architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design firms. David helped me clarify my vision by being a careful listener and thoughtful questioner, providing guidance at critical moments. And best of all, my work with David is truly a gift that keeps on giving; our experience together continues to resonate as I navigate the ongoing challenges of entrepreneurship."

Tim C. | President, New Start New Jersey

"David strikes the perfect balance between hearing your concerns and moving you to precise, productive action.  He focuses on you as an individual with a unique story, singular talents and diverse ambitions.  He understands that each person walks his or her own path.  Thanks to David, you do not make your journey alone.  You could not find a more skilled or compassionate professional to guide you across occasionally uncertain, but ultimately exciting terrain.”

Jessica J. | Nike Foundation

"David coached me through a number of professional opportunities and challenges this past years. He is an excellent listener, who asks pointed questions and offers great insights about job and career growth. I've always been a hard worker and am able to drive my own professional advancement, so I didn't think I would really benefit much from an executive coach. Boy was I wrong. David helped guide me through professional situations that ranged from improving difficult working relationships, negotiating a pay raise, identifying projects that would help grow my skills and ultimately landing a new and amazing job. And I had a great time doing this with David. I learned many valuable lessons that I know will serve me well in the years to come."

Andrew N. | Independent Arbitration Practitioner

"I have had a few coaching engagements over the years, both as a corporate division leader and as a solo practitioner. David is the first coach who really got to know my goals from the inside out and helped me develop practical approaches to powerfully pursuing them. David helped me put form to my intention and then integrate that intention into everything I do in pursuit of my business goals. Most of all, David was always right there - moving me forward even when I had no momentum.  He convinced me there was a better me ready, willing and able to emerge in pursuit of my higher goals.”